ServIt Hot® Plate Heater Set


Experienced cooks know that hot food tastes best when served on a heated plate. (Which is precisely why hot food is served on warm plates at all find restaurants!)
The ServIt Hot® Plate Heater makes it easy to heat multiple plates in just seconds, enhancing any meal.
It is ideal for partytime, dinnertime or anytime that hot food is served.

Just lay The ServIt Hot® Plate Heater on a microwave-safe dinner plate and heat for a few seconds in the microwave.
Multiple plates may be stacked and heated at once.
Then simply remove the plate heater, and you will have an instantly hot plate.
Unlike when heating plates in an oven or dishwasher, the rim of the plate will always remain cool for handling and serving.

Each set includes 2 reusable and durable ServIt Hot® Plate Heaters.